Thankful That I am a Black Woman – Pre Queen & Slim Reflective Blog…

No one will ever understand those ignorant comments made by people that do not look like her. No one can sympathize with her because her uniqueness, boldness, and ability to shake the hardest, meanest, and most devastating comment. As I type, I’m reminded of Harriet Washington’s book Medical Apartheid and sadly that mess is still….an…issue…inContinue reading “Thankful That I am a Black Woman – Pre Queen & Slim Reflective Blog…”

Afro, Locs, & Biz- a podcast with Charles and Tia

I miss my locs. I miss sitting and chatting with my loctitian. I miss the smell of my hair after it was oiled and washed. I even miss the weight of my hair. And after listening to a new podcast “Afros, Locs, & Biz, hosted by Charles and Tia, I miss them even more. NaturalContinue reading “Afro, Locs, & Biz- a podcast with Charles and Tia”

Are you embracing TTCL?

Often time people make assumptions about you. They make assumptions about anyone for just about any reason. A former classmate shared he would have never known that my life was imperfect based on my Facebook posts…. Welp, it’s imperfectly perfect for me…. And I’ve learned to embrace it… because to enjoy life you must embraceContinue reading “Are you embracing TTCL?”