white folx…would you for once stop thinking everything is about YOU

I don’t need a disclaimer, but I’ll add one anyway. I have a Latino last name, I was married to a Black American, I date a Ghanian, and my maiden name is Drewery. Oh! And I crush a few white men movie stars, my boo thang…. Matthew McConaughey (I am checking on you! I knowContinue reading “white folx…would you for once stop thinking everything is about YOU”

We still quarantined…and don’t mind

I asked my son why did he think we seemed abnormal about being ok with being in the house and doing nothing. We have enjoyed being in my very small apartment. This is the first time we have ever lived in such close quarters, but honestly I don’t mind. I have worried if this 17Continue reading “We still quarantined…and don’t mind”

To purge … or not to purge

I had a conversation with my therapist yesterday. I shared with him how much I’ve purged. I’ve gotten rid of new clothes, old clothes, new shoes, old shoes, wedding rings and engagement rings, books…. and so much more. He applauded me for this, reminding me of how hard this must have been. After our phoneContinue reading “To purge … or not to purge”

This tree represents how history continues to repeat itself…

It disgusts them to see the realities of life. This tree reminds me of lynching and coon cooking. Stop reading if you can’t handle what’s next. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/apr/27/lynching-naacp-photographs-waco-texas-campaign I’m unqualified to teach what society wants me to teach because I’m a realist and to teach, you “can’t be a picky eater. You can’t be a veganContinue reading “This tree represents how history continues to repeat itself…”

Hmmmmmmm while practicing social distancing are you practicing cleanliness too?

There are signs and posts everywhere regarding COVID and being safe during such times. Obviously we should have been washing our hands and our….a$$ before COVID, but now their is an emphasis on cleanliness. Maybe during this time at home, people took heed to this and realized that washing their hands when they live inContinue reading “Hmmmmmmm while practicing social distancing are you practicing cleanliness too?”