Hmmmmmmm while practicing social distancing are you practicing cleanliness too?

There are signs and posts everywhere regarding COVID and being safe during such times. Obviously we should have been washing our hands and our….a$$ before COVID, but now their is an emphasis on cleanliness. Maybe during this time at home, people took heed to this and realized that washing their hands when they live inContinue reading “Hmmmmmmm while practicing social distancing are you practicing cleanliness too?”

Working towards keeping the peace… in our minds

COVID has slowed us down tremendously or has it? I watched my dog sit in front of our patio door yesterday. He sat still watching whatever he saw for minutes. He didn’t move. He just stared. I watched him and during that time all thoughts of everything faded. I didn’t think of how many moreContinue reading “Working towards keeping the peace… in our minds”

Healed after that intimate encounter with racism

A little over two weeks ago, I received an email from a former student I had last year. She was (and I sure still is) an ideal student. I was impressed with her “out the box” thinking. She is a young white girl. One year ago I taught this young lady. One year ago IContinue reading “Healed after that intimate encounter with racism”

Being an “educator”during this time and any time to our Black males

I’m what some might consider a bad mom. I am an educator, so what I am about to say will probably make other educators and parents judge me, but I truly do not care. I’m also considered a racist and ill-prepared to teach (despite my credentials and my many accolades which are obviously lies🙄) toContinue reading “Being an “educator”during this time and any time to our Black males”

Six weeks of quarantine …what have you learned about yourself?

I’ve quarantined myself and my son for about six weeks thus far. I have ventured outside of my home four times; grocery store twice and a park to just get fresh air about one week ago. I’ve learned and self-diagnosed myself with ADHD. I do not complete a task in one setting. I complete theContinue reading “Six weeks of quarantine …what have you learned about yourself?”

While being quarantined teach your students about racism…

Appalling is an understatement regarding how I and those that look like me feel about this post (it’s below). Quite often I speak up about many things regarding racism and when it’s done in front of White people, very often I’m bashed. One comment that I read was “…she is a bigot and a racist”Continue reading “While being quarantined teach your students about racism…”

Sisterhood is Essential

I’m blessed to be a member of so many organizations, but one in particular is Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. This organization is a Greek sorority founded to assist with the plight of African American issues by African American women who challenged themselves to make a difference. Over 100 years later and many thousands ofContinue reading “Sisterhood is Essential”

Find YOU while things are temporarily closed

It truly takes a lot work me up. When I do become worked up, everyone know. I’m passionate about fairness, equality, and just common sense practices. Common sense to me obviously looks different to many for various reasons. We are in a state of stillness and many would rather complain ….failing to see all ofContinue reading “Find YOU while things are temporarily closed”

At this point….While You Are Home

As we continue to sit still and pray for guidance… Remind yourself not to overthink, Remind yourself to laugh, Remind yourself that this is only temporary, Remind yourself that change is good, And that when we conquer this next forty days, how much better we will be, Focus, thrive on the good in this situation…Continue reading “At this point….While You Are Home”

Remember to take mental health moments -Relax, Relate, Release

We dream of sitting in the house to relax during the week. While sitting in meetings throughout the week, our minds often drift to what we will do over the weekend. Thoughts of sleeping until noon, binge watching a television show on Netflix, going for that run that you have been been meaning to getContinue reading “Remember to take mental health moments -Relax, Relate, Release”