Don’t let those hard lessons make you forget the secret of life; to love! Love never fails us…. even when people and circumstances seem to fail us, love will always be there. Continue to love self like you deserve!

Just go with your gut…

In life we have to make choices. Some are hard. Some are easy. Some seem dumb. Some are important. What color curtains should I put up to compliment the sofa? What colors should we wear in our pictures? What do you want to eat for dinner? Choice…. choices… OMG and more choices…. Would you like…Read more »

Be good to you …

Today and always…. I’m reminded by a friend to treat myself good. I don’t know if many of us really understand this simple concept. I think she meant that I should take time out for myself. I think she meant that I should focus on me…. At any rate, I do that often; (nails done,…Read more »

Know your self worth ….

I walk in confidence because I know my worth I’ve realized that many people are unaware of their true worth. They settle for mediocre and/or people who cannot assist them growing to be that beautiful flower. I recently wrote this complex card to my … boyfriend… (I have a boyfriend 🤦🏾‍♀️❤️❤️😁… ) I wrote this…Read more »