This tree represents how history continues to repeat itself…

It disgusts them to see the realities of life. This tree reminds me of lynching and coon cooking. Stop reading if you can’t handle what’s next.

I’m unqualified to teach what society wants me to teach because I’m a realist and to teach, you “can’t be a picky eater. You can’t be a vegan and still eat pork daily. You can’t be a car dealer who is successful and have never sold a car. Ok…. bad analogies but… how can you teach without knowing everything, right? Joking!!! How can you be a teacher (seriously ) and never take time to open up your minds to learn things out of your comfort ?

I’m unqualified to teach what society wants me to teach though. A statement from a colleague from last year stated that when I shared a video of coon cooking and lynching they “was [were] so appalled that I contacted our union president.” And….This is why history will repeat itself. This is why our Black and brown kids will never get a chance to understand who they are as students. Because you are appalled by history, you can’t discuss reality? Hmmmmm, I guess. So I guess that also means that while we are learning about the issues of this pandemic, we must be quiet about the racial disparities? I guess I’m really unqualified because that was definitely something that has come up. Am I fired?

It digusts “them” to see the realities of whiteness. It appalls “them” to read beyond the scope of whiteness in literature from texts that were not designed for equality.

It disgusts “them” to read about “a noose in California where students got into trouble” because “they” are the epitome of what our country stands for. I’m sure it will disgust to read the attached article and especially see the pictures. I wonder will it disgust “them” to see those black babies who have been murdered in the streets because they were just proud ….Black…. citizens? But citizens only because of amendments…., right?

They are those people that cry victim. They are those people that will never take the time to see those that don’t look like them. Those are the people that will ensure history does repeat itself. How can you teach about history if you don’t help students see the flaws of our county, like the many amendments that are added to protect “us.”

And I suggest that if this is too much… to stop reading. Moving forward it might be too much and I do not have the time to white your White tears because… many that look like me are fighting their way out of oppression and they need me to come help them, so wiping tears ….or giving a helping hand…

The “us’s” (ha!!! I had to do it!) that were not initially included and now you want “us” to exclude history and the realities of life because it appalls you?? Please SIT (God is working on me…) down and pick up a book and learn about OUR history like we have been forced to read about the “saviors” you all are…..(I’m being facetious here….)

My moms mom was born on June 12, 1916. She was born in North Carolina. She was not born into slavery, but she was oppressed as a Black woman. She had ten kids. Two uncles received college degrees. Three grandkids received college degrees. Two great grands received college degrees. In 1916, a month after my grandmother was born, the NAACP released pictures of a Black man who was lynched in Texas. Here it is again:

Pretty appalling don’t you think? But why do you believe this was published? Why should we continue to learn about such horrid issues? So we can see …. the Constitution was created because? Do you even know why? The room was full of ALL White men… NOT ONE single Black person to offer a bit of “diversity, equity, or inclusion” here… At this point Blacks were not even … any thing more than…. nothing…

My grandmother helped my mom raise me and passed away when I was in 8th grade. She learned from her mom. Her mom was born in the late 1800’s. This history is very close to me.

Every other event that happened over my grandmothers time on earth dealt with the struggles of being Black… in America has shown me what racial tension and struggles look like. My grandmother taught her kids. Her kids taught their kids. My Black experience has taught me where I came from. It taught me that I must always push harder than anyone. It also showed me that equal will not happen because those that didn’t look like me still saw nothing about lynching except how “appalling” it was and cried victim like every other White person who doesn’t get their way. Hell… look at the protest…

Look at this.. a Senator provided a dumb A$$ excuse for wearing a confederate flag mask… and he represents our government.

Then this… a white girl blames her boyfriend and social media that she will not get into her dream school because she was playing…. and she is VICTIM now…. GO sit down! By the way where are her parents??

There were lynchings ….there are still lynchings… there will always be lynchings because our world is full of privileged people who prefer to hate versus understanding the tree of life…

I’m unqualified to teach despite my many degrees. I’m unqualified to teach because my voice and my critical thinking skills are probably higher than many; I know for sure compared to 45 I’m unqualified to teach because I have mastered being able to live in the White echelon of America while still being true to myself, while holding people to fairness and calling them out when they are wrong.

I’m unqualified to teach because I am private about my matters and I don’t gossip about others. I’m unqualified to teach because even after rereading the Constitution and seeing the shit (that one slipped and as a good friend says, pardon my “French”) that was written for “them” and not “us” I have faith in… what’s next, and I will still continue to work for progress.

I’m unqualified to teach because I can see that in my moms lifetime this wasn’t just a tree…..and for someone to…. attempt to ignore history…. it appalls the heck out of me.

So as we move forward during the pandemic, working to make change, pick up your books, a copy of The Constitution and ask yourself why people that look like me (I’m black if you didn’t know) raise their heads high to remind everyone that they are Black…. and Proud!

Signed “the unqualified blogger who teaches”

#ThisThingCalledLife #TheTreeOfLife

Published by thisthingcalledlifebyki

I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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