I see my dopeness ….today

A young man who I admire shared with me that “ It amazes me how you are so dope and you can’t see it.” I don’t know why I don’t always see myself like that. Maybe because I feel as if I still have so much more to give and do. He even shared that he always sees me with a smile on my face despite those harsh circumstances. I get that quite often. I responded back telling him “I think something is wrong with me because I’m always positive about things even when they go south…” I remember when I was in basic training. Every day I woke up excited and counted down the days. Every day my fellow comrades yelled back and told me to shut up or stop being so extra in the morning.

But this is me! I get excited to set goals and see them come true. I get excited when people are doing great things. I get excited about visions that I see and those challenges that come show me just how strong I am by overcoming! I was sick one day during basic and I walked out without my overtly excited self and everyone was worried. Where is she? She is quiet and someone took the lead and yelled for me! And the next day or so, I was right back to it with the same responses. Ha! “Shut up Drewery..” Hahahaha! I was that person that pushed people to run and hyped them up to pass that run! There were many that after I finished my own run, I would go back to pace to help. This is just me and I learned that ….

Sometimes I am so hard on myself and it prevents me from embracing the goodness of myself. I am so hard on myself that I don’t think I’ve really stopped to celebrate me. I am so hard on me and sometimes I don’t see myself the way I really should. I take time to get my hair and nails and even take myself out, but self care is definitely more than that. I don’t think we generally see this.

I reached out to someone to assist me with something the other day and I immediately said please send me the cost. They stopped me and said “I will never charge you.” They asked me did I remember doing things for them and they said “for what you have and always do for me, I will never ask you for anything.” Boy was that humbling … and I still am paying… and when they send me the money back, I’m … going to accept my blessings…. I.. am…learning…

It is amazing how people see you. The young male who sent me the initial message I discussed is one of my favorites and it’s because of the way he carries himself. It’s because of the way he showcases not just his confidence, but his competence. As much as we roll our eyes at each other via social media, I honestly couldn’t be more proud of him for being true to himself. I always share with him that I want my own son to be just as great as he is because he has that tenacity and is unafraid or unapologetic for being true to who he is. But, he also does take into consideration the things that are said to him. But yesterday and many other times, he has taught me something…. something big.

He has taught me to value myself more and truly see the light that I bring. I have had many to say this to me, but his text yesterday really put things into perspective… I’m going to listen to him, like he listens to me while rolling those eyes.

Thank you sir for being you 🙄🙄 you know it wouldn’t be right without the eye rolls! And this picture shows the trust that I have in you… you lead me in Paris ❤️😎

#ThisThingCalledLife…listen to a King (pun intended)

#ThisThingCalledLife….I’m embracing it now….

Published by thisthingcalledlifebyki

I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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