I’ve listened to so many share how overwhelmed they were with life lately. And I understand this. Whether it is a job issue or a family issue or just personal everyday issues, it’s understandable.

Today as I ate dinner at one of my favorite places, I realized the need for solo time. I do it so often and it helps release tension. It helps to release frustration and it allows you a time to clear you mind.

I would suggest to those that are overwhelmed to take a moment and create a list of non-negotiables; things that you will not compromise that are essential for your well-being.

Mine started off in a letter (I love writing letters to me..):


Focus on what HE has in store for you. Sit and be still. Enjoy your life. Laugh and cry when needed. Take long walks. Go run if you feel up to it. Eat healthier… or something like that. Set goals and keep reaching them. Don’t ever compromise what HE has told you that is a part of your purpose and love yourself because if you don’t, no human can ever treat you how you want to be loved.

Be happy! Let go of the anxiety… go to the beach, take a mental health day at work. Pray, go to counseling…. find what works for you!

#ThisThingCalledLife…write a love note to yourself!

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