I don’t know if it is hindsight or growth, but life teaches us lessons that we do not always get the first time around.

Sipping coffee, looking outside at the greenery that I’m surrounded by, I’m at peace because I now realize some of life’s secrets….

1. Be patient and observe.

2. Be quiet and actively listen.

3. Be optimistic even when you want to be doubtful.

4. Walk away from nonsense…ALL of the time.

5. Walk your course and don’t mind what others have to say.

6. No one has a perfect anything, but there is no need to focus on anything but you.

7. Love thyself and as a good friend, Trina Logan said, “Teach others how to treat you!”

8. Fulfill your purpose regardless of how scared you are, it’s possible!

9. Be open to change.

10. Understand #ThisThingCalledLife…is as complicated as YOU, Me, We make it…

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