His Mom is His Hero

Today was his first day of school; my sons. He entered 11th grade today and I reminded his dad to capture his first day for me. This is our first year of his high school career that we did not share “first days.” It’s my first day that I was not physically there for him to share his day with me. I can’t say that I was worried, because I wasn’t. He is a good, I mean a great young man who I am certain will excel in everything he continues to do.

His freshmen year we drove 35 miles together. This was probably annoying for him because he had to listen to my music and my podcasts, but I allowed him to listen to his sometimes. I made him read to me some mornings. I made him read books and other material that would benefit him; The Pact by the three doctors and selected essays to allow him to see himself in literature. We had a dinner date every Friday this year and he learned about life. He embraced a culture that he was never exposed to and sometimes we talked about this. I was overjoyed to see how resilient he was and how great he was able to transition.

His sophomore year he was in my class. He was in my first period class. He was a student in my Honors English class. Can you imagine waking up listening to your mom sing or listen to her loud podcast and then have to report to her first period class? Ha! We made it though. And he shared I was not a bad teacher. He did say that I repeated myself a lot, and he also told me to stop caring so much because the students I taught did not appreciate me. He also told me the school was a place I didn’t belong because I was different; I cared. He shared what he did in some classes, but we always focused on the good of things. I think he enjoyed my class though, and I do know he respects me because today he shared…

His experience at his new school made him share a story today. He has a Bible class and he said “oh, I forgot to tell you I talked about you today. I said you were my hero.” And a big smile crossed my face because I feel the same about him. He is my hero! He is someone that so many people see greatness in and as a parent it makes me feel so great to know that others see what I see.

This year will make us stronger. It will allow me to take a kickboxing class (or just go run…). It will allow me to see that he truly has embraced all of the lessons he has learned as an individual. This journey will allow us both to see …

We both are embarking on new journeys, new beginnings, new adventures, new clothes (I don’t ever need to buy another piece of clothing…. at least for the week..🤪😱), new hairstyles, new people, but we remain true to ourselves while being each other’s hero.

Today, tomorrow, or even next week take a moment to share the admiration you have for someone with them.

From Kindergarten to 11th grade, I’m beyond delighted that he feels I am his hero; his protector…


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I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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