Love Is All That Matters…

For four weeks and two days, I took a journey. I journeyed to familiarity. I hugged familiar people. I smiled at familiar faces. I held hands with familiar people. I smiled and laughed and as my mom said, “Ki, you exhaled and had a chance to see things differently.” She continued by saying “God gave you a vision so that I could see things for self.” She said this after this last year of…stress and conflict that I endured. If we could only accept what Eric Roberson says in his song “Love is All That Matters.”

This could not be a more accurate comment for me! I realized the lack of love, honesty, and….INTEGRITY that many have. I gave a loud exhale yesterday after sitting with a former parent. I finally let go and accepted that people are mean, hurtful, and selfish. As optimistic as I am, I stressed myself out trying to protect my boss, but there was no reciprocity there and I finally took a breath and I walk away with peace. I walk away with the memory of my student and his parent talking with me on the phone saying a multitude of things, but the biggest was “continue being the loving educator you are and they are just there for their paychecks.” I surprised myself that I shed no tears, but I prayed instead. I am an overly sensitive person and I LOVE in all aspects on my life. I prayed for those that lack integrity to deceive, lie, and lack….LOVE. I hugged the mom after our lunch meet-up and shook the hand of the father and they reminded me of the respect and love that their son has for me. Final words….I wish there were more teachers like me that…LOVE.

This reminded me of something that we all need to remember; be you! Be true to who you are. Walk away from turmoil, send prayers to those that you know need it, focus on the good of every situation, and embrace the bad because there are always lessons that one can learn and that lesson might not always be for you. Sometimes that lesson might be for you to pass along to someone else. Eric Roberson says in his song Show That, “Put love in your heart…” and focus on…positivity.

During my sabbatical I listened to audio books. I read three books, I prayed and just sat still. I rode go-carts, I played video games, I shopped, I sat with so many amazing people, I drove in silence. I sunburned (YUP…black women can sunburn), I compartmentalized people in my life; those that add and those that take. I let go of things that I have no control of and will never have control. I journaled (privately….because I have some serious trollers on my blog who make attempts at harassing me on facebook..EVIL folks), I chatted with some amazing people, and I listened to so much wisdom!

I was LOVED. I gave LOVE. I played games. I ate great food. I allowed myself to clap for myself and all that I accomplished. I allowed myself to fall asleep and not feel as if I needed to do something. I said no. I sat in silence. I sat in my car and just listened to music. I picked up a new friend (A Different World must be thrown into their reporitore of tv shows lol); I walked in solitude; I reminisced a lot. I took myself out on more dates (you know I LOVE myself…). I stopped to give hugs to show LOVE! I stopped to just sit and talk to people and I was in no rush to share LOVE.

I am currently finishing up a book entitled “The Last Lecture” and I challenge you to think of the legacy that you want to leave. If next month was not promised, what are things that are most important for you to pass along as your legacy to your family, friends, and even those that do not know you?

For me, its showcasing the greatness of life; the great people that are doing great things; and just sharing LOVE…

Be blessed….LOVE…and use your energy for the greatness..

#ThisThingCalledLifebyKi…LOVE IS ALL That Matters

Published by thisthingcalledlifebyki

I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

4 thoughts on “Love Is All That Matters…

  1. My Sister this message is so heartfelt,passionate, and loving. Thanks for sharing your life with many giving us all a chance to reflect and grow.


  2. This is my mantra ! Love conquers all.
    I stand by it and I love it. Thank you for the
    affirmation of what I all ready feel certain .
    God place us in families good and bad ones to teach us the capacity to love whether we ever learn the lesson.
    Thanks for the reminder. Ms. Ki!
    Love Gordon


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