Da Art of Storytellin….My New Favorite Podcast…I say Jerome in da House….

I’m a devoted listener of podcasts. Anyone who knows me knows that I listen to them daily. I don’t discriminate either. I love “Modern Love.” I’m always on a high when I listen to Oprah’s “Masterclass.”I crack up laughing when I’m listening to “Car Talk.” I shake my head at times when I listen to The Joe Rogan Experience. I shed tears and just become at peace when I listen to Joel Olsteen and Epiphany Church Sermons. I become tense, angry, and sometimes in disbelief when I listen to Serial. And I picture myself given my own TEDTalk when I listen to those.

But……when I have listened to M. Jerome (Jerome in da House… I say Jerome in da house…..🤪😂😂 I couldn’t help myself) Motley’s podcast, I feel encouraged, I am entertained, I am taught something, and I’m in awe with the number of Black males that are in my circle that continue to prove that they will rise.

I love to learn. I especially love to laugh and be silly. I love for truth to be spoken. I respect when individuals are true to themselves; particularly our Black males. They live a double conscious life. They are not always allowed to discuss those taboo topics and his podcast provides a safe haven for this.

If anyone knows Mike and his wife, they know how down to earth they are. When I think of my circle; particularly the couples that I know, I smile when I think of them (C &W; T & A; J & C; G & P….) because they don’t just love each other, but they push each other to be better and better!

I have had the opportunity to know Mike for awhile now and he truly knows how to keep a room of folks engaged. He is well-versed, he is confident, and he is intelligent; hence Mike-O-Pedia (encyclopedia… get it 🤪.. that’s what his circle shares about him).

I’ve been traveling for the last four weeks and I have listened to audio books, music, and of course podcast. This week, I listened to his podcast and I was even lucky enough to be featured on one (episode 3), but I didn’t treat his like I do most. I seriously (no bias) listened to episode 4 four times. (YES… 4…) It made me laugh. It filled me up with knowledge. It gave me ideas to continue helping out our youth. As I listened to this, my heart smiled! My heart was full as I listened to amazing Black men discuss topics so relevant to our life. I was especially proud because they were themselves…. do you know how hard that is for Black men….?

As I think of Mike and the journey that I’m sure he is going to be taken on, I think of Mary J and Kendrick’s song (https://youtu.be/6zbuvzxuS6E)…”I’m suppose to be here…”

So as you drive today, sit in your offices take a moment to uplift this amazing man! I love episode 4, but all of them showcase how talented this young …(May I say this or are you old like Dave 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂) man…

After you finish reading this, follow his podcast!!! The topics flow from your favorite candy bars to sharing light on the importance of voting and knowing your candidates. He has guests that discuss the importance of life insurance policies and how as an African American community we need to learn more about this topic. His guests discuss their favorite sitcoms and even their favorite comedians. He discuss sports and reasons why we need to uplift each other.

Who are you?

Michael Jerome Motley, Jr.

Tell me about yourself?

Man this is a lot, I was born and raised in Charlotte in a two parent home with my 2 younger brothers. My parents got divorced when i was 13 and I stayed with my dad. It was pretty much every man for themselves and ran pretty much like a dorm. I learned very quickly that being a C student was so much easier than As and Bs. I spent pretty much my entire young adult life doing the bare minimum. Around the time I met Shonte and Dave and was fired from Family Dollar. Dave was like you are too smart to be this lazy and apathetic, then Shonte gave me another person besides myself that was kinda responsible for and she was also pushing me with her drive and higher education. So I decided i wasnt going to treat the rest of my work life like i had done my school life and i was going to be come a better version of myself. Not to say I’m a finished product but I struggle with procrastination and laziness on a regular basis. all this said I feel like im the best version of myself and I owe a lot of that to Shonte and Dave. 

What makes you, you?

This is very fascinating question, who am I? I have spent the past 38 years trying to figure out what makes me, me. I feel like who I am changes based on the day and who I am dealing. To the point that who i am is different to everyone. To answer your question I am a stream of consciousness with a physical host that helps create a unique identity.

Share your most reverent accomplishment. 

My most reverent accomplishment of my entire life is most likely getting married and buying a house but the most recent accomplishment I am m the most proud of is starting my podcast because with all of these items it was not something I knew I wanted until it happened. (open.spotify.com/episode/2Q23st33z9i71UzsfytjhQ)

What are topics that are important to your deliver to your audience?

More important than the type of topics I deliver is entertaining my audience. I want them to enjoy listening to my podcast. My goal is to keep you laughing and keep you guessing. 

Who is your target audience and why?

My target audience is people like myself, 30 something black folks but I would like to be entertaining to just about everyone while continuing to be true to myself. 

Provide your contact information 



Do You have a favorite podcast?

Right now a listen to ‘The Black Guy Who Tips” and “Righteous and Ratchet” these are the podcast that i most want to emulate. Im always reading and listening to attempt to make my podcast the best it can be. 

Share a meaningful message that resonates with you daily.

You always pass failure on the way to success. 

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I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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