Having a lot of motivation goes extremely far….Meet Mr. Dave, a selfless go-getter

Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to just be still. Like, really still…. I’ve visited family, friends, mentors, mentees, and have road tripped mostly solo through about 8 states so far. I have had deep conversations with these people and I don’t think I can even the depth of these conversations; except to say they have been Devine.  I’ve listened, I’ve talked and shared pieces of me, and I’ve people-watched and even allowed new people in my circle.

I’ve sat in awe listening to people who are driven to achieve their goals by any means (positive ONLY) necessary.  They take moments to drop positive messages to others. They bring a warmth into the room. They smile and speak with confidence. They share to uplift. I have been motivated and pushed more than I have in awhile this summer.  I have been “sun-kissed” and healed as I come into contact with people who are giving me more than they can imagine. And there is not one person, one event, one particular story that has given me this push; its been a culmination of amazing people who are go-getters and destined for greatness. 

I frequently wonder why some individuals make it, while many do not.  That question is pretty judgemental and loaded with a lot of interpretation. I’ve had endless conversations with people about this question.  There is not answer; we don’t know, but when you meet people who literally started from the bottom and have worked to be successful, it is pretty darn astounding. (insert:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RubBzkZzpUA DRAKE….I started from the bottom….).  Such people remind me to follow my goals, to help others, and to continue spreading positivity. Spread that positivity even when it is hard and you may not believe it. They remind me and I am certain others that we will make it; we have made it!

I’ve listened to many explanations and opinions, yet I’m still impressed by those that accomplish all the while having sustained so many hardships. 

I don’t think society took in such concepts and hardships which is why the phrase “made it/making it” is an unfair measurement of life for everyone.

Making it is defined as being successful based on society’s standard.  Having a car, having accomplished your dreams, and never having been in trouble. A certain amount of money is also within this definition. Society never separated this concept for those who really started from the bottom. But I am reminded that “making it” is based off of following your own path, which I have talked about before.  Oftentimes I do not think we know how much we need such people in our lives, but when you leave them…and feel your cup has overflown, you know it was FATE.  

On my summer journey, I met a new person that I am highlighting.  His friends are so impressed by him and spoke so highly of him and when I met him, I understand why.  Black men are still not highlighted enough to showcase the greatness that they possess.

If you ever feel as if you cannot something, take a moment to keep his story in your spirit.  Dave’s story doesn’t just show resilency, but also how hard, effective, intense planning to get to where you want. 

Thank you Shonte and Mike for introducing your friend to my audience!

Mike and Dave

Kiera: Who are you/Little about me?

Dave: Busy question – It’s easier to get to know me vs documenting who I am via words but I’ll try. Born in Washington DC, raised in a single family home, twin sister and lived with 3 women and a dog and cat (both females). No role models to speak of and didn’t get along with most people and surrounded myself only a few people. Father two doors down but felt like two hundred miles away. His absence made me stronger by default. I don’t trust easy and I keep most people at a distant as a result. I’m the first to help someone in need but won’t allow many people to help me (working on it). First to celebrate someone but avoid being celebrated (not sure why). From a low income household where hard work equaled success or face imminent failure. I learned early on in life, somewhere around 12, that it will be up to be to make my own way. I felt uncomfortable asking for help, so I found ways to help myself. I started working around 12, pumping gas, carrying groceries to cars, cutting grass, shoveling snow to make money for myself. I continued that journey to McDonalds (my first paycheck job) around 14 and that’s when my working career started. I’ve worked ever since. I used the money I made to buy the things I needed, school clothes etc and get to and fro.

Fast forward to exiting high school, I graduated and wanted to go to college but had no help or guidance I could lean on. I was accepted to a College in Indiana, but didn’t have a way to get there and felt lost making the transition. Decided to join the military to toughen up and save some cash to go to school. Almost made it 4 years, but struggled with authority during my late teen years and got kicked out.

Exited the military, went back home and put together a 10 year plan to graduate school, buy a car and buy a home by 29 – I got it all done. Worked and went to night school for 5 years. Rode a bike to work while being laughed up (but them thighs tho), saved a ton of money during a time where kids where blowing it. Started investing early in life and read a ton of books to help guide my future decisions. My favorite and most influential ones were What make the great great and Rich dad poor dad.

Moved to Charlotte in 2006 all by my lonely, moving to VA in 2019 and plan to retire within 8 years or less. 

Who am I? I’m a person that gives more than I receive, surround myself with only a few trustworthy people and try help as many people as I can while I’m above ground. I love animals, all things grass, sports and the dream of finding the right soulmate – my own version of Shonte and spoiling her to life!


Kiera: What makes you, you?

Dave: I’d say the love of paying it forward, constantly. Being a leader by example, accountable, dependable and apologetic to a fault. Loving people harder than they sometimes love themselves. Not super sensitive by the desire is there to get better. That’s where it has to start. Being that I’ve made many mistakes, it’s easier for me to forgive people but the hardest thing I’ve faced is forgiving me!

Kiera: Share your most reverent accomplishment, building a podcast

Dave: Podcast – I joined the podcast world to celebrate and lift up my friend Mike. It wasn’t for me at all. I’m encouraging him to share his voice to the world in an authentic way because people want and need to hear what we has to say. He is an excellent speaker, knowledgeable about many things and entertaining. My goal is to help launch his podcast career, water it and watch it grow – then step out the way of a moving train.

Kiera: What are the topics that are important to you to deliver to your audience?

Dave: The most important topics to me is ….. Nothing is beyond talking about. Look into your heart the day you want to speak and then speak from it. Also, anything that going to educate someone or help solve a problem.

Kiera: Who is your target audience and why?

Dave: Anyone who wants to be entertained and educated. The two Es.

Kiera: Provide your contact info.

Dave: Ncdc07@yahoo.com

Kiera: Do you have a favorite podcast?

Dave: Not yet. We’re still in our infant stages but I’ll be slowly, exiting stage left but will be in the audience when it blows up. Until then, I’m going to continue to throw gas on a smoldering fire and watch it become an inferno! Next up, Mrs. Motley’s dance class (dat women can shake a tail feather)!

Kiera: Share your meaningful message that resonates with you daily?

Dave: If you work harder than most for two years, you’ll live better than most for a lifetime. Also, take care of your mind, body and spirit. Surround yourself with people who will push you not help keep you firmly where you are, eat right/sleep well, find a place to worship and give more than your receive freely and it will come back to you. Respect what people say about you but don’t feel like their personal feelings are your truth, it’s just theirs. Love while not fearing being hurt and you’ll have no regrets. Lastly, don’t be afraid to live your life doing things you love with the people you love. If your spirit is not aligned, run J

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I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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