We need to emphasize who we are… Meet Mr. Alston👋🏾

There are some people that you just know are destined for greatness. There are some that you just stand back in awe and admire. There are some that just possess that….I’m greatness in the making. Mr. Alston is that person.

From the way he carries himself to his powerful thoughts and his ability to always push himself, while bringing others up with him, he truly amazes me.

When I first truly had a chance to meet him, I was impressed. He impressed me with me…. with his leadership, his confidence, and his push to always be better. He further impressed me because he is constantly growing.

I am honored to say that I know him and be a part of what he has branded. I always share how amazing my circle is and it’s because I have people like him in it.

As you read about him, I’m certain you will understand why he has conquered so much. He is what our young people need to see and emulate to understand that anything is possible. The way he balances his life makes me feel as if I need to do more and do better with my time management 😳

He and his wife are humanitarians and entrepreneurs that are going to be prominent figures in our society soon. He is just an overall good person who understands #ThisThingCalledLife and how his voice and calling are needed in many of our communities! His motivation to bring like-minded people together and assist with encouraging all is beautiful.

We all need a Mr. Alston in our life…

Or two… (they got that…)

Please take time to read about Mr. Alston. When I think of the definition of perseverance, he comes to mind. When I think of the term selflessness he also comes to mind. He gives back to assist the youth, he is passionate about growing as a people, and he does this with humility and ease. Again, I am proud to say that I know this young man!

Here is D’Javon Alston🙏🏾

How do you describe yourself? 

I describe myself as a determined (to achieve my goals) builder, engineer, and leader.


What do you do for a living?  How did get into this field? 

I am a Systems Engineer contractor with the US Air Force. I went to school and obtained my BS and MS in Industrial & Systems Engineering, which led me to a career in the field. This specific job opportunity opened up through networking.

What do you do to promote positivity amongst your race?  Do you think it’s necessary?  Racism doesn’t exist, right?  (I’m being extremely sarcastic here).

I talk about how amazing we are all the time. I started a network to unite us like-minded professionals to build mutually beneficial partnerships and take next-level action to address our issues, and propel and expedite progress for our people. I post affirmation and uplifting posts on social media about my race very often.

YES, It is very necessary. I feel when you have the whole world (whites, asians, and latinos included) look at your race as inferior; degrade, condescend, dehumanize, and disrespect the color of your skin and who you are because of it, it trickles down and affects our people’s psyche, where we believe what they say and believe. It is imperative that we put the emphasis on who we are and celebrate it! 


Are their challenges as a black man in this field?

Yes, as I feel there are challenges for black men in every field, especially corporate America. A challenge that you are prejudged. And when you show how good you are, it’s a surprise. You’re expected to have a certain tone, and if you get a little to passionate, it can be misconstrued as angry or aggressive. So some walk on eggshells trying to to offend. Everything you do is under a microscope.


What are challenges that you have had as a black professional man?

I wouldn’t say it was a challenge because I am a black professional man, but it was originally a challenge not to use my typical vernacular and slang. I felt that I had to talk a certain way around the others. I grew out of that. Of course I don’t use all slang, but my work speaks for itself, and I am not focused on impressing anybody with words.



What are ways that you have overcome obstacles that have been in your path?

Stay focused on why I’m doing what I do. Learning more of our people’s history about how great we are, were, and always have been has given me a next-level confidence. So I steamroll over obstacles, knowing that the tough time is only temporary.


What is your day to day mantra?

If once a task has begun, never leave it until it’s done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.

   Stay focused. 

   Planning is action. 

How do you manage everything that you do?

I stay busy. That’s how I like it. Being involved in multiple things keeps me on point. I manage it all by simply blocking time to work on all my endeavors. I get off from my 9-5 and go to work on my other goals from 5-9 and after!


What or who inspires you?

My Wife (she’s the hardest worker I know).

   My little brothers (my mentees), just as much as I give to them in mentorship, it’s mutual.

   My friends (I know some amazing people doing amazing things!)

   My family (I do it for them)

Any advice for young men who are facing challenges being black and trying to move up? 

Stay the course. Have no doubt that you are great. That as a black man, they fear your greatness. Never let anybody tell you otherwise. Link with other young black men who can motivate you and you can motivate; we can get so much further when we work together. Seek mentors who you vibe with and have been there/done that. Forget what other people think! Make yourself happy. APPRECIATE YOUR STRUGGLE! It makes you who you are. If it wasn’t for the struggle, you wouldn’t be who you are today. You needed it. It’s not suppose to be easy. Push through, knowing pain is temporary. Have no doubt that you will reach your goals. Speak it into existence. Work hard. And watch God give you everything you’ve asked for.

Any last words for our readers?

Be Strong. For we’re not here to play, dream, or drift. We have hard work to do and heavy loads to life. Shun not the struggle, for it’s God’s gift. Be Strong.

Thank you Mr. Alston 🙏🏾


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I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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