O’Shea meet O’Shea….this day will be a good day 🙏🏾

In addition to Oprah, the only other person that I have to meet is O’Shea Jackson; aka Ice Cube!

Oh how I love him and the irony of us sharing a name and zodiac sign. His fiery, truthful, hard for some to accept words have always been something that I’ve admired.

I have an old colleague that I use to love talking to because at one point (unsure if he still is) he wanted to write his dissertation on Ice Cube.

I use to teach an African American studies course which centered around teaching our HBCU students about social justice and becoming social advocates. One of the things I did to open up this unit was to showcase rappers.

It’s always interesting to hear people who are not knowledgeable about music realize the importance of rappers such as Ice Cube and his former group NWA. I always opened up with “F… da police..” and even last year in my 11th grade classroom, I shared this with students as we discussed the importance of advocating for not just self, but those around you. Yeah to some it might not be school appropriate, but the internet is not appropriate and some parents fail to police their kids phones… so what’s the difference.

Such things can only be promoted when people can be open minded enough to understand #ThisThingCalledLife…

Since it seems my personal life is long and gone, and many have learned my passion for education, the goals I have in regards to changing policy and even one day opening up my own school, one of the people that I admire for their candidness and even honesty regarding himself is my brother Ice Cube… yeah I know we aren’t really sister and brother, but I admire him in regards to how he has evolved himself. He has always provided us with not just a reality about our culture, but also ways that we can change and promote positive change. He has also shown me from his old school lyrics that when you want something to go for it and don’t ever fear what someone can do to you….

“They try to keep me from running up
I never tell you to get down it’s all about coming up…”


“I’m not a rebel or a renegade on a quest..”

The quest to be a social activist and be confident enough to stand your ground is hard. With the many “isms” that are still noticed in 2019, his lyrics and actually all of those artists from his time era are still relevant.

To some I’m looked at as a person who is always discussing race, while to others I’m looked at as a person who stands up for what many are afraid of or don’t feel as if they have a voice.

Many don’t realize their purpose because they are so busy focusing on things that are irrelevant and finding ways to push others down. Social activism is needed to assist with the plight of the many issues that people all over are facing.

While I can empathize with many, I advocate for the social justice issues in classrooms and in the educational system. I recently had a chance to look at new numbers regarding the low performing students and see the correlation to teachers and school systems. We desire students to conform to us, but we don’t conform to them. This is why social activist are there. They don’t just advocate for gangs, but they study it, and the first thing needed is to assist people with becoming aware of the issues. So many are stuck in their own belief system. This clouds their ability to see issues that are right there in their face. This is where people like Ice Cube and even me are needed.

A wise person just taught me that there are some people that can only see the smaller picture of things but only some can really see the big picture (Thanks for that CMC❤️). This made so much sense to me and helped me to see a different perspective of #ThisThingCalledLife…

We can see the bigger picture and we don’t just empathize, but we can sympathize with individuals.

And this is what has made me great at what I do. I care…. I don’t just do a half job at teaching or advocating or volunteering, I give it my all.

And just like Ice Cube was mistaken for being a certain way, people couldn’t see the passion he had and still has about building up his environment. Take his movies.

They are there to encourage, uplift, and promote.

They are there in hopes of reaching those naysayers and they are there because it’s in their spirit, in their heart, and soul. They aren’t just there to make people laugh, but they are there to push others to be … my favorite word.. open minded.

But as I think of my time sitting and talking with Ice Cube, I just want to hear his thoughts on his music, his movies, and his life has made him who he is. I want to hear my big brother give me advice and answer just one question; what is his driving force in life….because he is so #dope to me.

And with each piece of work that Ice Cube, my twin name has done, he has shown me that it is ok to stand out and it’s even ok to cuss a bit and make your point clear with relevant words!

As you continue to be the best you, follow your own path and listen to your heart…. for me… I try to make every day “A Good Day…

#ThisThingCalledLife…Today Was a Good Day ❤️

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I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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