Did you read what you were looking for….

I wonder if they found what they were looking for….

Sometimes you must remember that people are so focused on you because they see the amazing person you are.

One of my best girlfriends called me the other day and shared how her and her husband have always felt my light shines so bright. It’s pretty rare to find good people who are genuine, so instead of people seeing me as someone who cares, some will try to dig deep and trash me. I have no time to discuss others or burden myself with things that take me off of my path….. I know me and my path is marked with #goodness.

But…. maybe they can share with me what they found… I’m still trying to put my resume together… I do so much out of passion and love, I forget to write it down…

Use this post to drop those sites I’m found on🙏🏾

And as you do that, please take a moment to build yourself up! What have you done to contribute to your life goal? And how might researching someone help you build yourself up??

Be great!!! And uplift!

Published by thisthingcalledlifebyki

I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

2 thoughts on “Did you read what you were looking for….

  1. They can’t turn down the brightness of your light because they don’t have the power to and if they would focus on their light it would shine bright too. However no the only way for them to feel good about themselves is to tear down others but they have met their match. I’m just saying.


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