What remedy is given for discrimination against a Black Woman…

Oh to be an educated Black Woman.

Oh to be a confident educated Black woman.

Oh to be a humble, confident educated Black Woman.

It’s hard work! It’s hard work because it comes with so many unfair challenges. It comes with an abundance of headaches; fake smiles; massages so that we will not lose it; girl trips to talk about how we have conquered our dreams but we can hardly enjoy them; and trying to maintain perfect composure even when it would be appropriate for you to snap.

Oh…. how hard it is to be a Black Woman. The stares when you look extremely cute are annoying. Can’t they stare you look beautiful. My gosh you have lots of education; instead, of that’s truly great that you have followed your dreams.

Or finding ways to set you apart from …. them…

Oh well when I went to Paris (say it that uppity ass way .. Paaa..RIS…🙄) I did this and it was just to die for. Have you ever been out of the country? Yeah … I didn’t so much like Paris, I prefer Prague. Oh…(stopping and looking truly dumbfounded) you have been to Prague?

Oh how hard it is to be a Black Woman! We are not expected to grow or definitely not go anywhere.

There is no remedy that could fix this except… love and be ready to walk away…. and hold your composure when you need a moment…

Realize that you are amazing and continue to believe in you!

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