Celebrate each other daily… be strong like Captain Marvel

International Women’s Day…. should be every day…

I celebrate myself and all of the beautiful women that mentor me, guide me, love me, chastise me…cry with me, laugh hard with me, take trips with me, and just take the time to grow together.

Very often I am around strong women. I am around women who have survived some of the harshest circumstances, but no one would know. I am surrounded by the woman who might have a bit of self doubt, but you could never tell because she is graceful. She lets her hair down. She take moments or several days to sit still and process things, but she is so darn strong.

I am surrounded by women who will hold my hand and walk across the Jordan River together. I am surrounded by women who will travel to another state to see me and do nothing but maybe walk the mall with me. I am surrounded by beautiful women who end the call with a “I love you” and will stop in the middle of their day to call me because I am on their mind.

This is what international women day represents. This is what I have in my life.

I proud myself by saying that I have never had any drama with any woman! Now, I am quick to observe the motive of people and if I see that they are not sincere, I will walk away because …. again life is as complicated as you make it, and I select a less complicated life… I cannot say that I have never upset others, but to ensure I have peace and am surrounded by genuine women, I walk away from drama, gossip, and those who cannot add to my life in some way. I am pretty spoiled and sometimes selfish. My girlfriends embrace this and never try to change me. Every one of my milestones even if they cannot physically be there, they have made sure they knew they were shaking their pom-poms! And the act is always reciprocated!

I remember awhile back and going out to eat with a few girlfriends. It turned out that a few ended up being about 10 or twelve or so. We had an issue with our server. It could have ended drastically, but at one moment one of my girlfriends reminded the friend that has a BIG personality to calm down and just let it go. She did. She had reason to go off, though, but we all laughed after we realized something. We are professionals. We are sisters. We are mommy’s. We had about 50 plus degrees together and we couldn’t stop laughing at how we still had to take moments for learning lessons and to control our emotions. This is what international women’s day means to me. It means having that woman to hold your hand and remind you. It means having that sister to correct you when you are wrong and when you need guidance.

As I watched Captain Marvel last night, I was reminded of the strength I have, we have…

We rise because we hold the hands of other women. We rise because we learn from each mistake. We rise because we hug each other. We rise because we encourage and embrace each other. We rise because we don’t hurt or harm or talk about each other. We rise because we compliment each other.

This movie represented my life. Each one of the amazing women that I know and that I speak with on a regular basis are so courageous. Even in the face of hardship, they know “they have nothing to prove” as mentioned by Captain Marvel. They realize their worth and the worth of those that they are amongst. They are humble women who make sacrifices, they are loving women who mail baked goods and send shoes to others, and they are women who are bold enough to protect their sisters when they might not have such strength at that time!

Keep this day going…. we should always uplift each other ❤️

Published by thisthingcalledlifebyki

I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

2 thoughts on “Celebrate each other daily… be strong like Captain Marvel

  1. We rise, we rise, we rise… I love the fact that you remind each of us that we are in control! We may experience certain actions from others but it is all in how we react where power lies. Great reminder Ki!


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