Her happy is to know her purpose….Ms. S and happiness 💎

I use to run. Throughout my life I would take a run to cleanse my mind. This was always beneficial….I would not think about everything I had to do. All that I had to do was let my body naturally move and find a safe path to run. I felt tired obviously after I finished, but it was refreshing. Exercise is a great tool for happiness. How many of us can commit to it? I know I lost that drive…. and I am paying for a personal trainer … he is my accountability partner… a very great friend of mine shares her happy journey …..exercise … running… letting go…

I admire this woman. Whoa….she runs, she take pictures, she is an educator, she is a listener, she is a friend, she is a soror, she is task oriented person, she is always happy even when she has ten million things going on….she takes time to mentor…. I honestly do not know anything that she does not do! When I think of her, I think of how much we are alike, but then I get tired thinking of how much she does…how in the word does she do it? We have supported each other so much; church services, graduations, community services, simple cards …. being truly honest with each other when we see that we are not being our true selves!

I remember this one time she hurt my feelings. Everything she said to me was correct. Her words pierced my soul and I know God sent her to share them with me. If she had not said those words to me, I would not be the lawyer I am today. I was complacent and seemingly lost and those words that night over Chinese food pushed me to grow… she reminded me of the potential I had. She reminded me never to lose who I was …. She said something that I would have said to someone I cared about. And I listened. It honestly took a moment for me to digest what she said, but …. I now realize why she said it. It was a hard pill to swallow, but this is why I respect and love her. She is real and genuine. She sees my potential and she only wants the best for me. She always pushes me. She wants me to be better. She allows me to help her also.

She sacrifices for so many and when she helps you, she is one of the few that does not expect anything; not even a thank you. We have literally grown together. I have called her and needed help and she never ever fails me. We have faces challenges together and individually. We share the same love language; words of affirmation and her cards make me feel like I am the most awesome person ever. She truly knows how to pick me up when I few down. She thinks so highly of me and invites me to events that will help me grow and utilize my Godly purpose. This woman is truly a gem 💎! God placed her in my life to pray for me and to give me another sister that genuinely cares. I am in awe of her and extremely happy that she is in my immediate circle of friends. I have cards from her from all stages of my life and God provides her the right words to give to me. Thank you Sharonda for everything!

Today is Dr. Sharonda Eggleton’s birthday and I pray she receives all that she always gives!

I love you so much sister!

Question: Where is your happy place?

My happy place is two-fold. I truly enjoy the outdoors and my happy place is out doors among nature. Jogging the greenway or walking along watching leaves fall. I simply enjoy out door spaces. My other happy place is my sitting room. It’s super cozy, welcoming and warm. It’s the right amount of sunlight and is perfect for an afternoon nap or game night with family and friends, it’s the perfect combination.

Question: How did you find your happy place?

My outdoor happy spaces some how find me. I truly enjoy the fresh clean air that floats among the trees and the beautiful scenes that are awe inspiring. I find these places by simply going outside and seeking out nature. I am quick to pull my car over if I am traveling to just stop and enjoy a sunset or sunrise, and even find a nature trail to walk. This is the beauty of it all, it exists in almost every location I’ve ever traveled to.

My cozy sitting room was created purposely to exude this welcoming feeling. Once my pull couch was moved into the space when rearranging furniture several years back, the space has truly become a room that gets frequented.

Question: What challenges have forced you to go to this place?

I would honestly say that anything that requires me to be reflective, which honestly are any and all. But particularly my outdoor space I found myself drawn to when faced with lofty decisions and I needed time to think. The great outdoors provided the space (literally) for me to clear my mind and re-organize my thoughts into digestible actions. This was especially helpful when I was in grad school and needed time to think and learn to navigate the waters of this new terrain.

Question:  What advice can you give to someone struggling with finding their happy place and being fulfilled?

I truly believe that happiness and fulfillment begins with oneself. If you are not at peace within yourself and especially loving yourself, you will base your happiness on what’s happening and therefore any space that your go to will not fulfill you. Learn to love yourself, flaws and all, find peace and joy in who you are and the rest will follow.

Question:  What does it mean for you to be fulfilled?

Fulfillment for me is knowing who I am, understanding my purpose, and seeking to fulfill that purpose.

Published by thisthingcalledlifebyki

I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

2 thoughts on “Her happy is to know her purpose….Ms. S and happiness 💎

  1. This is one and true friend, a one of a kind person sent from God as an instrument to help you grow. A true friend is selfless and caring.

    Reality hurts, but after that you will become a better version of you. We need breakthrough to help us with realization and move forward stronger, and victorious.


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