Searching when silent… Ms. Y shares the journey to happy…

I heard someone recently say this…”Self discovery might happen when you

follow your gut …..”

In order to do the above though you have to let go…

I love control .. many people love control. As a matter of fact my new beau and I recently had a conversation about this . While he told me I was his anchor, I had to admit to him that he has taught me how to truly enjoy life and not stress…. hmmmm really he has taught me to stop trying to be in control…. but… I don’t like control…. stop lying Ki, you do! Just like many people in my circle, we do like to control things… there I said it, but …. it’s not about everyone else, it’s about me…. (standing up and sharing my moment….) Hello, my name is Kiera and I like control….

I drove with a colleague to shop last weekend and when I noticed that she seemed tired, I asked if she wanted me to drive. She said no. She said I like to be in control. I was fine with that. I sat back and played on my phone.

Less than thirty minutes into our four hour drive, she asked me to drive.

She said take the wheel for a bit and I’ll pick up after I take a nap. Needless to say I drove the remainder of the way, she fell asleep, and trusted me completely to drive her in her car. I’m glad because she really needed to relax.

When she woke up, she still allowed me to drive her.

Often times we have control issues until we sit back and let go. Each time I travel, I write out a million instructions for my son. I give whomever he is staying with a heap load of directions. He is sixteen, and while he is diabetic, I have to learn to close my eyes, go to sleep, and trust that “He will keep us on the highway” and allow me to relax like my coworker was able to. I have to allow those people like my beau and others who add balance to my life to remind me to let go of the steering wheel.

A good friend of mine who I am introducing today has also taught me this and she shares her insight on being happy!

Yulonda has been able to do this! Life happens to us…..

Gosh….We go through so much; men, women, orange, brown, purple ….

Black and white …

and oftentimes we try to control everything instead of praying and letting go. I am notorious for this. I wanted things to be perfect until I realized that imperfectly perfect is ok.

I can cry and laugh and still let go…

I can have fun….

I have an opportunity to live life…

and I’ve finally learned how….

Control isn’t much fun because you are so hard on yourself all of the time.

Yulonda has helped me in so many ways. We laugh so hard that it almost seems as if I’m getting younger ….

She is an amazing listener, confidante, and what’s more powerful is she readily self reflects. She shares things with me and this helps me to learn lessons from her.

She is poised, confident, and never reluctant to help.

I have laughed so hard with her, I’ve shared my worrisome moments with her, and she actively listens to me and provides solid advice; pray. She nurtures me and always promises

me that everything is going to be ok; Pray…

And that is because she prays for me. She prays for me even as she is conquering her own trials.

She celebrates every small milestone with me and we are even able to laugh at the hard lessons we have learned.

When I first met her, she loved on me by gifting me things and just always embracing me as big sisters do their younger sisters; she uplifted me. I look at my beautiful elephants daily as a reminder of the many words she has given me over the years.

Yulonda is a beautiful woman….

From her conversation to the way she dresses, to the ability to balance and be a true prayer warrior she is another person that we should all have in our corner.

She has taught me how to embrace my imperfections, love myself through all of my faults, and never doubt myself. She has encouraged me to live life and even step out and date again (and…. it’s going well) because as we both have shared don’t let hurt hurt you….be happy!

She shares below what happy and being fulfilled means to her!

Constantly searching and yearning to find my happy in the moments when life is the moments when I am alone and tears begin to dwell in my eyes and gently roll down my cheeks. As I allow the sounds of pain to utter as I cry through the pain allowing myself to let go and release the hurt and pains of life I am slowly comforted…The comfort comes as I slowly begin to inhale and exhale… I slowly begin to think on all the wonderful things that have transpired in my life…all the blessings of comfort in my life…the many people that are always a phone call away to offer encouragement…My happy is in allowing myself to feel…allowing myself to love and be loved…my happy is knowing that we are all human and in times when we feel we are sinking.. don’t allow yourself to drown in unhappiness and sorrow…share your pain … release your anger and hurt..Your Happy place …a smile…a song…a poem…a word..a place…we may not all have the same Happy place….But we all have the opportunity to find our Happy… I am lifted iin happy knowing I am human and my emotions matter…Find your Happy and embrace it.

Kudos to my beautiful sister!

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I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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