Happy means being true to you…Ms. T shares…

The other night a colleague from my last job texted me. He asked how I was doing and from there we shared updates about our lives. The next morning I received a text message that he died.

Less than twelve hours after he sent me a message, he died. He passed away…

I reread the messages a few times over the last day and I’ve even shared screenshots of the texts with a few people because it’s …. it shows that ….it says…. it’s just a reminder that we should make….

I really don’t know what it says, but to be happy in your daily life. My last comment to him after he asked how I was doing was that I am at peace. And I really am… To be happy you have to enjoy you and you have to be at peace. You have to be true to you and you have to be willing to grow… and that can be difficult…I know…. you know….so remember ….

#ThisThingCalledLife….embrace it… by growing…

My friend who will answer questions today is by far one of the most beautiful people I have met. She was my very first roomie in college and while it was only a short time, we bonded. I had to remember her name when I first met her by thinking Tinkabell! And while most do not believe that fairy’s exist, she is a fairy because she takes the time to sprinkle blessings to people consistently!

We didn’t talk every day, or every week, but anytime I saw her, she always took the time to hug me and check on me. Fast forward to almost twenty years later and she sends me prayers every day!! And I need those prayers. She, like many had no idea what has gone on with my life, but she managed to send me prayers and God knows I needed them.

And I really get them every SINGLE day! I mean every day she takes the time out of her day to send me a prayer. And it’s not a chain prayer! She personalizes my prayer every day! She writes my name and personalizes it based on what she knows I have going on; traveling, working, presentations, and I read every single word of her prayer daily and it makes me feel good to know that despite what she goes through, she is so selfless to think of others.

She is a single mom and even fighting her own medical issues, she stops to pray for me. That’s love right there! And people like her, help me! I pray that I give her what she gives me, because I know I am very blessed to have so many women in my life that are so loving! I have heard many complain about their circle and I truly know that I have a genuine loving circle and for that I am forever blessed. Below she shares her personal journey to being happy!

What I love about her journey is she is totally transparent. So many of us have been involved in unfortunate situations; abuse from our mates, drugs, and even self-esteem issues, but are too afraid to talk about them. A friend asked me why did I leave my last relationship and instead of answering the question, I responded with saying I’m blessed that I’m not like most people. I had the mental strength, the spiritual guidance, the competence, the circle, and most importantly the love for self to leave. Tinka shares what many are afraid to share…the truth!

Tinka is resilient, she is a strong woman and through her journey she can provide you, me, us with lessons to remember about being in your happy place!

Thank you Tinka!

(In Stevie sing song voice… isn’t she beautiful!!❤️😘)

Question: Where is your happy place?

Tinka: If asked this question when I was younger it would have definitely been anywhere my dad was considering the fact that he was the absent parent. It evolved to anywhere my man was until I didn’t have one, and based off the choices I made, the ones (men) I had, I didn’t need one. Then I had children and they became my happy place, but of course children grow up and start their own lives. It seemed everywhere I turned my happy place had an ending. I yearned for complete joy. I even thought that smoking weed would fulfill my emptiness, but it was only a temporary escape. Then one day in 2008 God reminded about the joy I used to have serving him when I was a little girl. I wanted that joy again and that is truly when my faith journey began. Boy was it a hard one; the enemy did not want me to go back to serving God. I suffered with minor medical conditions, but at the time they seemed so major. Then God started placing the right people in my life to encourage me. I started reading God’s Word more and focusing more on God that’s when I found my true happy place. God is my happy place and the great part is that He is always with me and will never forsake me.

Question: How did you find your happy place?

Tinka: It took me going to my darkest place and that’s when I called on God to help. To my surprise every single time He did. So there is absolutely nothing that we could ever do that would make God turn His back on us.

Question: What challenges in life has forced you to go to this place?

Tinka: I am a survivor of domestic violence and rape. I am also a survivor of death – YES you read right. In 2016 my throat closed shut. I had to be brought back and the crazy part is I thought I would have had some type of experience like seeing a white light, but nothing. So getting back to healthy has been by far the toughest challenge of my life. I had to have tracheostomy surgery to secure my airway.

Question: What advice can you give to someone struggling with finding their happy place and being fulfilled?

Tinka: Try your best to find the positive in every situation. Remember you are not in control God is and He knows what’s best for you.

Question: What does it mean for you to be fulfilled?

Tinka: I used to think being fulfilled was measured by success or becoming infamous. God has showed me that contentment is true fulfillment. It has given me so much peace to run my own race. No one can be you better than you!

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I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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