Solitude … secret to happiness .. Mrs. Lisa shares ❤️

Solitude is good. It is essential to sit in solitude. I’ve recently learned that many are afraid to be alone. I shared with someone that I go to the movie alone and they were in awe. I take solo trips. I go out to eat alone… a LOT. I go shopping alone. I take road trips alone… and I’m ok with it. I use to frequent beaches alone or with my dog and I was fine with it. I actually spent my 37th birthday with my dog at the beach and it was ….peaceful!

Today we have Lisa. Whoa… Lisa and I go way back! And our paths always cross! When I lived in Germany just about daily I called Lisa…it was like clockwork. I needed Lisa because of her humor and her wise comments. I am laughing thinking about two of our random and fun trips; to the furniture store and to Amsterdam.

We would meet at a furniture store and walk around and sit on couches and have hour long conversations….she would say “Ki, we need to get up and move…” and we would find another area to sit and pick up our convos.

LIKE IN the store… who does that??? 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 and did I mention we would used the child care day center for the baby?

I went to “get away” one weekend and ended up at her home. Her husband suggested we take a trip to Amsterdam so guess what we did?? That trip was what we both needed…it was our moment of solitude. We got lost, ate good food, went through the red light district, and even “watched” people go in and out of the coffee shops….🤣)


We have undergrad stories too…

Remember that time in Hampton, Lisa? Remember how mean I was when I was pregnant with Anthony, Lisa? She forgave me….

Thank you Lisa…..and she shares what makes her happy.

Ki O’Shea: Where is your happy place?

Lisa: Anywhere I am by myself in solitude.

Ki O’Shea: How did you find your happy place?

Lisa: By cutting out and rising above this fake realm of this world we call life. In other words, becoming antisocial due to the fake appearances people put on to pretend they have it all together and believing that their way of life is the standard. There is no standard.

Ki O’Shea: What challenges in life has forced you to go to this place?

Lisa: Not being honest with myself and trying to fit an invisible mold that society tries to put you in. I had to learn to not just love who I am, but also love who I am not. Also, face all of the deeply seeded issues I have and face them head-on as soon as possible.

Ki O’Shea: What advice can you give to someone struggling with finding their happy place and being fulfilled?

Lisa: To go within yourself and listen. You already have the answers within you. The only reality we have now is the present. The past and future don’t exist and are figments of our imagination. Thus depression and anxiety. God is with us and we are God. Prayer and thanking God is what you do with His gifts, not what you say. Listen to God in you, not outside voices who are not connected to you spiritually.

Ki O’Shea: What does it mean to be fulfilled?

Lisa: To be fulfilled is to be at peace with who you are no matter where you are.

Lisa, thank you! I had to be honest with me about certain things in my life and as you read what Lisa wrote again, I challenge you to do the same….

I will always tell you how wise you are and I still think we would have an amazing show… but I never had time to draft everything!

You truly are a puzzle piece of mine…


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I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

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