How to find your happy…Ms. D and her inner peace…

My happy has always been writing and visualizing…my future…what I will become… But I am like our guest today who discusses that happiness is in my her spirit.. mine too…I remember in high school making plans for my future. As a matter of fact I’m a 1999 high school graduate and almost 20 years ago, I wrote down plans. I conquered them all…. but not without struggles… and I had to learn to hone into my peace within… in other words, I can’t be happy in my happy place without being happy within.

But, the best thing about those plans I created …. I superseded my expectations for myself! I didn’t just graduate once, but I graduated multiple times. I didn’t just gain one family, but I gained so many people in my life that have become part of my life. I didn’t just have a child, but I had a child with a respectful man. While he is my ex- husband, he is the epitome of a great father, dad, mentor, friend to our son. He taught me to only allow the best in my life; something I’ve finally embraced…and I’m happy but I had to learn to be happy within…

I didn’t just obtain some of the best career opportunities, but I have gained colleagues who still teach and assist me with learning. Thank you to them!

The scary part of accomplishing so much was realizing that it really is possible AND the roads are not as straight and narrow to maneuver as I thought it would be 20 years ago.

Who would have ever thought that it would have taken a heap load of sometimes not so great events to conquer goals what I visualized 20 years ago… or even five years ago…😳? And in order to conquer and stay afloat, I had to remember my happy place. I had to remember that going to my happy place was pointless if I was unhappy or unfulfilled within (is there a difference between the two…. ? I think it could be…) A good friend periodically reminds me of this. I remember one night that I stayed with her to get away and we ended on our hands and knees praying, crying tears of joy and allowing ourselves to let go and truly trust….and she ended with something that I never forget: Find your happy place!

Some say happiness comes from within … I agree…

With that, I must introduce another amazing young woman. Dawn is a sorority sister of mine and she sheds light on finding “happy!”

Question: Where is your happy place?

My happy place is not necessarily a physical location. But it is that place in my spirit where I feel at peace. Sometimes my happy place is just being with those I love. There is nothing like being around family that makes you feel safe, secure and just happy. Sometimes my happy place is listening to music or watching marching band videos or just singing. Something about the music just makes all your troubles go away.

Question: How did you find your happy place?

Through prayer and meditation I have found this place. Sometimes I find it through blogging and journaling as well. When I am able to empty myself of all my burdens, fears, concerns, anger and any negative thoughts and feelings, I can find that happy place. Sometimes I find it in a hug from my children. Receiving an “I love you” text from my mom or dad, does it too. And if I can’t get to a radio or stream some music or videos, I might even whip out my old horn and play a few tunes that I remember from my marching band days. Or sometimes I may just sing something to inspire and encourage myself. Just thinking of good times, good memories helps me to find my happy place.

Question: What challenges in life has forced you to go to this place?

Throughout my life I have faced many challenges. From being in an oftentimes bad marriage, then going through a divorce, to being a single mother with little to no support from their father, to putting kids through college, completing my own degrees, being unemployed or underemployed and now working at a challenging job – all of these challenges have force me to go to that place where I can find happiness. Without that sense of serenity, I would probably be crazy or just a mean and nasty woman.

Question: What advice can you give to someone struggling with finding their happy place and being fulfilled?

In order to find your happy place and to be fulfilled, you must first know and love yourself. Don’t ever try to be what or who other people think or believe you should be. Be true to yourself. Once you know yourself, then you will know what it is that will fulfill you. There is no magic formula, everyone’s journey is different. But you have to be willing to take the journey and look at yourself with no filter. Honor the person that you are and work on the person you truly want to be.

Question: What does it mean for you to be fulfilled?

Fulfillment to me is just satisfaction. When I am satisfied with all the things that I put my hand to, then I am fulfilled. When I feel that I have accomplished even a milestone in a long term project or goal, I am fulfilled. Just the ability to say, I did that, is also a type of fulfillment. Being able to make a difference is also a type of fulfillment for me. I get that with the job that I do for the school district. Having an impact beyond myself is fulfillment. I get it when I see children learning and accomplishing their goals. I get it when my own children learn and accomplish their goals. So I can say that in this life I have been fulfilled, but don’t count me out, because I am not finished yet.

Take a moment today and find your happy…. and…

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I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

6 thoughts on “How to find your happy…Ms. D and her inner peace…

  1. Constantly searching and yearning to find my happy in the moments when life is the moments when I am alone and tears begin to dwell in my eyes and gently roll down my cheeks. As I allow the sounds of pain to utter as I cry through the pain allowing myself to let go and release the hurt and pains of life I am slowly comforted…The comfort comes as I slowly begin to inhale and exhale… I slowly begin to think on all the wonderful things that have transpired in my life…all the blessings of comfort in my life…the many people that are always a phone call away to offer encouragement…My happy is in allowing my self to feel…allowing myself to love and be loved…my happy is knowing that we are all human and in times when we feel we are sinking.. don’t allow yourself to drown in unhappiness and sorrow…share your pain … release your anger and hurt..Your Happy place …a smile…a song…a poem…a word..a place…we may not all have the same Happy place….But we all have the opportunity to find our Happy… I am lifted iin happy knowing I am human and my emotions matter…Find your Happ y and embrace it.


  2. Great read and the most beautiful part of it all is when you get to a point where you realize that a happy “place” is not necessarily even a place, you know you’re on the right track. Couldn’t agree more with her answers. Almost felt as if it was me writing it. I truly feel we all want some of the same things in life, we just take different paths to get there. 😘


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