I’ve been cleaning /sorting through those crates of cards and letters and I came across so much. I came across goals that I set for myself ten years ago. I came across quotes that I wrote down. I came across my thoughts…

I can only say that I am proud of me. I can only say that I have accomplished each goal with…. trials…some easy and some hard.

I even came across an old planner and I am in the job that I wanted two years ago…. so I sip on my coffee this morning and window online shopping (those that want to help my habit…I have paypal and cash app.. and I can send it to you..) I am happy. And my happiness stems from seeing that life happened, but I did not let it break me. Those around me that are experiencing life; sickness, divorces, new jobs, loss of loved ones, miscarriages, etc are my inspiration…we all know that #ThisThingCalledLife is as hard and complicated as you make it…

Some things are inevitable and we must be able to be optimistic while walking through #ThisThingCalledLife…

What is in your cup of happiness today?

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