“I am an exception to the rules…”

Today I shared something with a good friend and she gave me the above title. She also said “you are so awesome.”  I think the same about her.  She is a beautiful person inside and out, and has been through so many of my trials with me.  She has also provided me joy.  I remember this one time (…this one time at band camp…hahaha) we took a road trip, and although it was not funny then, but her tire burst.  The story ended with her running into the arms of a homeless man.  We laughed about this and so many things on a seriously impromptu trip to Amsterdam.   We would talk just about every morning for hours and laugh and share insight on so many things. We talked about life.  We shared lots of intimate stories and we always uplift each other.  We are both exceptions to the rules of #thisthingcalledlife.  Life is so much better with great people, and she exemplifies what a true friend is.

Today during my church sermon, I watched a sister and a brother share love.  The sister, who was about four or five years old kept reaching over trying to kiss her brother.  She giggled each time.  It was so adorable. She tried to grab his cheeks, and he kept pulling away giggling as well.  When she finally got to kiss him, they giggled so hard.  And at this time, he stopped pretending he did not want the kiss, and he also hugged and kissed her back. He was about seven years old.  Their other brother who was near their age watched with fascination, adoration, and also smiled so hard.

To be an exception to any rule, you must know and understand love.  You must have a genuine circle of love who will allow you to pour out your heart and pour out laughter.  This is me and so many of you readers.  I am always reminded that my light shines so bright and its because I understand love and how we are suppose to pass this love forward all of the time.  As a matter of fact, I was told to sit down and truly embrace my greatness.  A letter that I just received last evening shared “…”has really shown me more and more how “one of a kind” you are. The letter also shared “your perspective on life and its twist and turns is nothing short than amazing.”  To be an exception, you must understand that life is definitely a game that we have control over.  As hard as it is, you and I can always conquer (we shall overcome……We shall overcome…..We shall overcome some day…ahhhh…know this song?), but it is hard, because we do not always see the great potential that we have.

Even as people tell us that we are great, we sometimes have a hard time acknowledging it because of foolish reasons.  For me it was because I did not  really see myself as a standout, but with each of those amazing people in my life, I can now understand, embrace, and see my greatness.  A card reads “Thank you for letting me be an dreaming your friend.  You are truly a gift to me and to the world; I wish that you could see what I see when I look at you.  Because you are so selfless and are constantly doing for other people, here is a small note…”

To be exception, it is about having people in your corner to remind you of this. Even the strongest person needs this reminder sometimes and this is why I keep cards and letters because they are playbacks of when I need that extra push.  So, I am an exception to the rule.  You are an exception to the rule.  Say it loud…I’m black and I’m proud..(ok…no James Brown..lol), but say it loud “I am an exception to the rule!

About little over one year ago, I endured a pretty hopeless marriage.  I gave up so much of my materialistic items, but the love that I was shown was far more rewarding.  This was another example of me being an exception.  We have the capabilities to conquer fearful tasks, but only if we allow love in our hearts, and we pour love into others.   Love is the solution to everything in my mind, heart, and soul.

While writing this blog, I just had a good friend send me a text to share his current whereabouts.  He has just been admitted to the hospital and will be in there for awhile.  I immediately asked if I could call, and as we chatted, I sent up prayers (God bless this young person.  Hold him up and allow him to believe in the miracle that is coming his way.  You can fix anything.  You are the miracle worker…).  I can still recall this young person taking the time to help me apply to law school.  I recall an even more recent time that he dropped what he was doing at midnight to make a phone call for me to assist another person.  Even while in pain, he helped.  Exceptions to the rules are only because love is involved.   He is also an exception to the rule!  His testimony, his faith, and his ability to love even as he experiences hardships amazes me!

So, how does these stories tie into the title?  An exception to the rule is being loved so deeply, passing on that love with no hesitation, and understanding that in order to grow, you must have great people to uplift you!  To be an exception, you must also believe that you are greatness.  You must exhibit humility.  You must genuinely give back.  Being an exception is not hard, but it does require work.  Are you willing to be that exception?

I challenge each reader to comment and share why you are an exception to the rule!  We all are exceptions, so brag about your exceptions and embrace #ThisThingCalledLife….We Are ALL Exceptions

Published by thisthingcalledlifebyki

I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

2 thoughts on ““I am an exception to the rules…”

  1. Exception by the rule…inspite of life I’m a voice for those who voice has been silent. In my darkness hour, when friends are in need , my love and appreciation for them allows me to rise to provide much needed comfort. I am an exception because even when life hits I still find myself still standing tall.


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