Dear Ki O’Shea

So,  reader (Yup!  That’s you! )Did you complete your assignment?  Look at the previous blog to check your assignment.  Did you create a list to help you learn who you are?  Did you create a list of things you like and dislike?  Did you create things that you are interested in completing during your lifetime? Whoa, I really do sound like a teacher, but this is what was asked of me when I decided to start this blog. All of the above is that foundation to that puzzle that I continue to reference. This is the easy stuff.  Most of us know what we like and dislike, even if we are afraid to admit it.  Most of us know what we want to do, even if we make every excuse in the world to avoid completing it.  I love music as mentioned before.  As a matter of fact, I am really feeling Jay and Bee’s new album.  (S/N: that new album…OMG! Nice…”I can do anything…yeah…”I’m so nice…I’m better than the hype, I give you life…WHAT!).  So, with this being said, music keeps me motivated and when I need that extra push, I prescribe myself the music that I need at that time.  Whether trap music, gospel music (don’t judge me…) or some R&B slow jams, music is something I must have.  Therefore, music and other things are my foundational pieces.  They are the pieces that I can put together without hesitation.  I know this about me.  I’ve answered those questions, have you?  So, when my storm comes, I am prepared. (well….sorta….not really because no one is absolutely ready for a storm, but I have a start).


I have had several people over the last few months ask me how I  was able to conquer so much in my young life.  I was initially flattered by the term young, but I couldn’t really answer the question because I don’t really know.  I do know that:  I stick with what I start.  I don’t give up.  I pray ALOT… I realize that life happens, but I also realize that excuses are just that.  And outside of that, I just have amazing folks in my life.  I keep positive people in my life and I am quick to eliminate people full of drama or those that cannot add to my life.  Seems selfish?  Well, hmmmmmm, it is true.  I need people, just like you need people in your life that will uplift me, help me grow, and will provided me with the constructive criticism that I need when I am not being my best self.  So, this is another piece of my puzzle.


After that storm settles, I am always shocked at how much I have accomplished, but the key is to stay focused.  Stay in your zone.  (I stay in my zone! ) Find something to keep you in that zone.  Follow what Tupac says, “Keep yo head up….things will get brighter..” (Yup, that is what I am listening to now…). The only answer any of us can give to such as question is: we follow our hearts even through those crazy storms.  I have a story about a storm. ( Hmmmmmm, I think I will share that later, but it is so symbolic to life and how storms are needed for us to eventually see the peace.)  The stillness of the after effect of the storm is comforting ONLY because we know its the end; no more damages, but now its time to clean up, and figure out how to pick up those pieces. Please note, I am not trying to make light of our world castrophes.


I have  had an overwhelming response to continue to talk about the puzzle pieces to life, so I decided to share a letter I wrote to myself awhile back. The letter was after I met a woman on a solo trip I took.  She was so amazed that I was taking a solo trip.  It amazed her more that that trip was not the first solo trip that I had taken.  She was so shocked, she promised herself during our conversation that she would do more for herself.  She was in her sixties and she regretted never doing anything for herself.  She waited on people, she made excuses, she accepted things that she now regrets, and as she shared, I listened, while making a promise to myself that I will continue to enjoy life with no regrets as long as I could help it! I listened to her as she described just how her choices caused her to miss out on things that she always wanted to do, but now at 62 she felt limited.  She couldn’t go back in time and just listening to her was one of those learning lessons that we can never receive from a textbook.  I enjoy listening to people and meeting people. The encounters that I have, we will discuss here.  The stories that I have listened to provide me with wisdom and just an appreciation for life.  #listeningtorandomstories #wisdom #thisthingcalledlife #choicesarekeyinLife


After meeting her, I continued to look at the waves (I was near the water lol), and prayed that she would be able to conquer her fears and just enjoy life!  Remember there is no such thing as perfect, but we all are imperfectly perfect people.  I prayed that she was able to accomplish some things on her list and let go of all of the things that were preventing her from being unhappy.   Life does that to us.  As I mentioned before I always want to help people.  And here, just by listening to her, I might have helped her. But she helped me too.  She made me realize the importance of living life regardless of the storms that we are faced with in life.  In life we need those foundational pieces, because they are easy for us to put together.  Those pieces are who were are.  For me: I am a natural helper.  I am spiritual.  I am a learner.  I love my solitude.  I love traveling alone.  I love being with great people.  I love socializing and listening to people stories.  I am extremely reflective.  I am learning how to forgive.  I am learning how to accept life’s imperfections.


With that, here goes that letter that I wrote to self after that encounter:



Dear Ki,


Can you believe how much you have grown over the years? I am reading old journals that you wrote and my heart is so happy for you! Girl!!  You are doing great things!   I am proud of you!  Do not ever take what you do lightly!  You are phenomenal and I am proud of you because you have achieved great accomplishments while being your true self. With all of the mistakes you have made, you are learning. You are learning that there is no secret to life.   In in the midst of storms and heartaches and just being unsure, you survived girl!  With the many many many (did I say MANY) mistakes that you have made and poor choices that you have made, keep learning from them.  Don’t keep making the same mistakes over because then I might have to talk about you. (YUP!  I said it!)   Your dad called a few days ago and it was quite surprising to hear him say, “You really exceeded my expectations of you.  I knew you would do great, but you did so much more and you should always be proud of yourself. You are touching lives and allowing others to touch your lives and that is important.”  Many people will never have those remarks made by their parents and that comment alone had to touch you.


Remember that trip you went on solo?  Remember that older woman who shared she admired you for taking trips alone?  Well, make sure this is something you add to that puzzle.  Each encounter that you have with someone may be a piece of wisdom that you need to help you in #ThisThingCalled life… But think of what she shared with you.  Don’t forget to be you and enjoy every moment even when it gets hard.  This is who you are Ki.  You are a goal-setter.  You are fearless and you are greatness in the making!   Keep enjoying life, reflecting on ways to make you better, and most importantly learning from your mistakes.”


Love your favorite gal,   Self

With that being said, take the time to write a letter to yourself!  Give yourself kudos and think about a recent encounter that you have had with a person that has helped you learn more about yourself.


Catch that optimism and keep piecing that puzzle together!


Ki O’Shea

Published by thisthingcalledlifebyki

I am a woman who realized life is what you make it! I am a mom, an ex-wife (two times), a lawyer, an educator, a librarian, and most important an overall loving person! I am me and I am taking #ThisThingCalledLife and embracing it!

2 thoughts on “Dear Ki O’Shea

  1. This is powerful. Thank you for your transparency. We often forget where we’ve come from. It helps to keep us humble and appreciative of our journey. Good read!


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